Sound the trumpets!  The new edition of the Greenwich Podcast is here.  In it we discover a few (more) reasons to be proud of the borough – we’re opening new libraries when other councils are closing theirs, we’re putting plants on the roofs of our buildings to help cool the city down and we’re home to the company that helped to link the world electronically.  Listen and enjoy…

If you want to download it from this page, right click and save here


Alex on the Lacan Centre

Here are some links that were mentioned in the programme

Dusty Gedge’s home page is at

His company, Living Roofs, is here

Tom Standage’s excellent book, The Victorian Internet, can be ordered from Amazon.


After a bit of a hiatus the sixth edition of the Greenwich Podcast is now ready.  In it we hear from Cllr Peter Brookes about why the census is so important for Greenwich, we experience race day at the Yacht Club and talk to the leading lights of Subterranean Greenwich about the secrets the borough holds beneath our feet.

Here it is:

Or you can download it here

Greenwich Podcast March v1

Here are some links to some of the places mentioned in the podcast:

You can find out about the Yacht Club here

The Subterranean Greenwich blog is here

And if you need any help with the census you can get it here


At last the January edition of the Greenwich Podcast is here – but it’s worth the wait.  Daryll encounters some irritated cyclists outside the foot tunnel and bumps into Nick Raynesford MP, Nick interviews the militant South Londoner Arthur Smith and James takes a walk to the Dome accompanied by a pair of headphones and some dockers from the 1970s.  Enjoy!

To download the programme right-click and hit Save Link As here: Greenwich_Podcast_5_v2a

Incidentally here are some links from the programme which you might find interesting.

The council Twitter feed is @Greenwichcouncl

You can book tickets to Arthur Smith here

And this is the link to the Memoryscape walks.  Toby also mentioned this site, amd said if you want to find out more about the courses he’s running you can email him at

And finally you can email us at or chat to us on Facebook.


The December Podcast has finally arrived with a Merry Christmas to you all.  It features a rare interview with Frank ‘The Yank’ Dowling, a quest for the ultimate Greenwich Christmas present and an investigation into how bookish the borough is.   Here it is:

To download the programme right-click and hit Save Link As here: Greenwich Podcast Show 4

Incidentally, here is the link for Greenwich Phantom’s Bookshelf.


The November podcast is here, featuring a glowing endorsement  from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnstone.  In the programme Nick and Darryl discuss recent developments on the Penninsula, Alex goes for a very blowy cycle ride and a select group of Greenwichians give us their opinion of the possible disappearance of Greenwich Mean Time.  Enjoy!

To download the programme right-click and hit Save Link As here: Greenwich Podcast Show 3b

In other media news there’s also a bit about us in Greenwich Time (Archive Number 122, page 21)

And as if that wasn’t enough, here’s something Nick’s been doing:

The Podcast, the Phantom and a Promise of Beer

Meantime Brewery is publicising its new London Lager with a viral video campaign.  Meanwhile the Greenwich Phantom seems to be getting more and more elusive.  So the Podcast decided to kill two bones with one stone with this:

Produced by John Taylor of Fiction Factory, another media company based in Greenwich.


Podcast 2 is here!  Newly sponsored by The Cheese Board it will include stories on the market, the new digital village at Ravensbourne, sweet chestnut picking in the park and mudlarking on the beach.

To download the podcast, right-clink and hit Save Link As here: Greenwich Podcast Show 2 v2

Thanks to everyone involved. Here are some relevant links.

The Mudlarks


The 853 Blog


and of course our sponsors, The Cheese Board


Our September launch edition includes an interview with comedian Tim Key from the Comedy Festival, a feature about five hundred years of brewing in Greenwich and a report about a band of ruthless Greenwich based guerillas who target bits of wild land and turn them into beauty spots.

Listen to Podcast 1:

To download it, right-click and hit Save Link As here: greewnwich-podcast-show-1.2

Presenter Alex Mitchell,  pictured here, is a journalist and author who writes the Growing Pains column for the  Daily Telegraph. “I love living in Greenwich and the idea of making a programme that will appeal to residents and visitors was one that I jumped at. Greenwich is an idiosyncratic place, full of funny little corners, odd bits of history and unusual people, and we aim to make the podcast reflect that.

The Podcast is  produced by Blackheath  producers Testbed Productions, known for their work on BBC Radio 4 –  like Fry’s English Delight with Stephen Fry. Testbed also makes over a hundred podcasts a year for Which? the Consumer Association Magazine.

How does the podcast fit in with other local press and websites? “We see it as a complement to the existing local media and a celebration of Greenwich,” says Producer James Crawford. “Anyone who listens to Radio 4 knows that listening rather than reading is a unique and very personal experience.”

To contact the podcast email


35 responses to “COMING SOON

  1. Brilliant! Greenwich has its very own Radio 4 programme now. Good luck

  2. I did enjoy the new Greenwich podcast all the best for the future.

  3. Excellent. More please.

  4. Brilliant.


    • The jury’s out. We could do a “where does the name come from?” feature, but I think that won’t lead us to a definitive pronunciation. What do you think…? Should we include Blackheath? Or should the podcast stop at the Lewisham border?

  5. I’m I missing something – I can’t see an rss feed to download from. Can this only be downloaded from itunes?

    • We’re just waiting for the itunes feed to go live. Should be today. We’ll update the site and then you can subscribe. We could do regular 20 minute shows like the first one. Or we could do very short bits when we have something we want to put up…more of an audio blog.

      • What about a normal RSS podcast feed for people who don’t use iTunes? The sort of thing the BBC and Absolute Radio do for example.

      • I thought there was one on the site already, underneath the i-Tunes symbol, but I’ve just tried it and it seems a bit screwy. I’ll try and get it fixed up.

  6. Wonderful! At last, a well made, well presented, interesting programme about my local area!

  7. Love it, what a fantastic idea. When can I sponsor it?

  8. we anchor in hope

    Great stuff, nice to hear something other than the usual cliche’s about our special Sarf London gem.
    When’s the next podcast?

  9. This is brilliant, so well done!

  10. Pingback: Greenwich – it’s in the way you say it… « 853

  11. Some of the new residents of Greenwich to ask why they picked this area.
    Some of the existing residents as to what they think of the many new developments and the many recent changes.
    The GHT and their motives for changing the centre.
    Another volunteer group, like the Guerilla Gardeners, and the work they are doing for the community.
    Restaurant owners on their views on today’s Greenwich and how it’s changing.

  12. Thanks, I enjoyed listening.

  13. Another great podcast, so well put together and interesting.
    Can’t wait for the next.

  14. Really enjoyed it, particularly the bits about Ravensbourne College – more of this kind of insight into local institutions would be welcome.

    Also, how about doing an investigation into the mess that is the Thames Path through East Greenwich?

  15. Loved issue 2 – thank you very much and please keep them coming!

  16. Still no way to just download the podcast though?

    It seems there are only two options for listening — stream it from the website, or download it via iTunes. If I don’t have an iTunes account, and I want to listen to it away from my computer – it seems I can’t?

  17. Talking of places to stay in Greenwich, Number 16 St Alfege Passage has closed for a major refit for the 2012 Olympics.In the” mean time”I`m making a TV programme about the build up to the Games in Greenwich,and the concerns of locals for and against.
    Do watch out for a new ITV show about my escape from Greenwich “May the Best House Win” starts Jan 2011.

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